Annebet Duvall is an American born stylist & artistic director living in New York City. From her start in the fashion department at Vogue magazine under Andre Leon Talley to her most recent post as Senior Fashion Editor at Seventeen, she has amassed a diverse list of clients attracted to her reputation for an off-the-cuff, organic approach that exudes an effortless aesthetic & dictates authenticity. Her innate ability to find the delicate balance in contradiction informs her work with a constant element of surprise spanning across platforms from social media to national campaigns. Her obsession with creating the overall picture is evident in all her projects, making her sought after by brands looking to create modern, cohesive, original content. Annebet's work has been featured in The New York Times, MADE, Vanity Fair, Paper & Interview Magazines with notable collaborations ranging from Richard Phillips to Bruce Webber.

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